Luísa Lencastre is both the Creative Director and Curator of Antique. Embodying the 3rd generation of the family business, Luísa was born and raised in Estoril, on the coastline north of Lisbon, Portugal, being exposed to foreign cultures from an early age, not only because of her parents traveler nature, but also due to the international component of her academic upbringing.

Having lived in India, Istanbul and several European cities, Luísa became a nomad herself, which enhanced her love for travel, one of her main sources of inspiration. But inspiration often comes from the little things in life and Luísa has that rare ability of finding it anywhere from a shell, a semi-precious stone, a fabric, an embroidery, a pattern, to something as prosaic as vegetables or a piece of fruit.

Every single object available at Antique was hand-picked by Luísa within a curatorship process dictated by her Eastern style with a spritz of modern. This involves an ongoing quest for the absolute best products and suppliers available, especially in Portugal, as Luísa is a big defender of her country’s traditional crafts and their preservation, as they play a vital role in cultivating its cultural heritage and identity.

Most recently, Luísa’s excellent curatorship skills inspired her into creating her own brand, Luísa Loves, a luxury lifestyle brand that develops curated collections in the worlds of beauty, fashion accessories and home décor.