Luísa Lencastre is both the Creative Director and Curator of Antique – and the fresh new face behind the brand. Embodying the 3rd generation of the family business, Luísa was born and raised in Estoril, on the coastline north of Lisbon, Portugal, being exposed to foreign cultures from an early age, not only because of her parents traveler nature, but also due to the international component of her academic upbringing.

Some of Luísa’s first memories include spending every Saturday morning at the family’s first store in Estoril, to help with gift wrapping, making jewelry to sell to family and friends and accompanying her father on business trips. So, it’s only natural that Luísa grew up with a special love for both antiques and silver objects and a good eye to spotting the most exquisite pieces and understanding their history, craftsmanship and added value.

Luísa studied Business Administration, worked in PR & Marketing for luxury brands for most of her career and eventually followed her parent’s footsteps and took over Antique, where she’s staying true to the brand’s trademark exquisiteness while introducing a more contemporary touch that will elevate it into a whole new era.

Luísa’s main goal is to create the highest brand value for Antique, by leveraging all intangible elements of singularity – i.e. time, heritage, country of origin, craftsmanship, manual labor, limited series, etc. This involves, of course, an ongoing quest for the absolute best products and suppliers available, especially in Portugal, as Luísa is a big defender of her country’s traditional crafts and their preservation, as they play a vital role in cultivating its cultural heritage and identity.

Every single object available at Antique was hand-picked by Luísa within a curatorship process dictated by her Eastern style with a spritz of modern elegance – so there’s literally nothing there that she wouldn’t buy for herself. Luísa’s dream is that Antique will become the to go brand for exquisite gifts and homeware.

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